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Get fit, improve coordination and have fun!

I offer group and individual tennis lessons in and around Chelmsford, Essex. I am based at Hamptons Sports and Leisure in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex, but I can also come to a location of your choice.

Tennis is the perfect sport to tone up, enhance flexibility, improve coordination and boost your mood, all while having fun!

Adult Coaching

Coaching for adults looking to improve their game, try a new sport or improve fitness.

Junior Coaching

Coaching for juniors of all ages whether they want to play competitively or try a new sport.

Performance Coaching

For adult and junior players who want to take their game to the next level so they can play competitively.

I was going nowhere with my game when the head coach said to me why don’t I have a few lessons with Zak. He was able to improve my game within the first lesson. His lessons were at a different level altogether!

What makes him different is his ability to actually observe and see mistakes you are making that most would completely miss, and then point those out to you with tailored solutions. It’s like he’s able to replay your strokes in slow motion in his head. He is able to meticulously explain the proper techniques specifically for you with the imagery and logic behind his explanation so that you can not only try to replicate it but you can also remember it.

Danny Ramsay

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The easiest way to view my availability at Hamptons Sports and Leisure in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, and book a lesson is via my app. 

Alternatively, to book a lesson either at Hamptons Sports and Leisure or another location please contact me here or by text/call at 07837747512.

For any other enquiries such as coaching at other venues, any special requests, or if you’re a school interested in coaching clubs for juniors, please contact me here.

After a 40 year break from tennis (playing nearly every day from 12 to 16 yrs) from age of 16 to 56 I had played squash very regularly, I started my re introduction to playing tennis again. Knowing that tennis had evolved particularly regarding the top spin and naturally I wanted to learn how to hit a top spin. My attention at Hamptons Tennis courts was drawn to the natural swing that Zak had as he was coaching.

It was spring time 2020 when I asked Zak for a regular slot once a week and within 3 or 4 sessions Zak had advanced my technique to play the top spin. Zak has a natural talent to explain and demonstrate the stroke action with just the right amount of technical information each lesson that I could take on board and retain until the next session. He has the patience to listen to my questions (drawn out sometimes) and how I am feeling on the day being an older client to the game – somedays the body feels better than others.

He makes the lesson enjoyable and can clearly demonstrate the faults I have on the day and then explains and shows me the corrections needed in order to practice with him and proceeding games. After each lesson I have usually picked up just the right amount of knowledge in order to practice before the next lesson.

Over the past year Zak has upped my game by teaching me the correct techniques so that I can keep improving over the next season to come. As a coach Zak improves my ability by gradually teaching me the correct techniques together with a friendly approach and he retains a history of my progress and requirements so that each lesson is valuable and worth while.

He is very flexible if coaching times/days need to be moved and is always ready to help my game. He also runs tournaments at the club. He is the club champion but very modest about it and a very friendly coach. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get better at the game as he has a wealth of knowledge and can demonstrate all the shots including the trick ones which sometimes are needed to keep the ball in play.

Happy Student

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